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lightsaber project & instructable

summer, fall 2008

link to the instructable site

then popular science made this infographic about the instructable and later featured it in their book, the big book of hacks

This was a quintessential Camp Kaleidoscope project. Take a toy, a cultural object, and by creating your own version of it reappropriate the cultural symbol and hopefully look to manufactured toys less as pre-made objects granted to us by society and more as things to take apart, repurpose, and draw inspiration from.

I have a longer post about the process of making these with kids at my old blog.

The instructable gives all the detail about the project itself. I had an interesting moment of internet collaboration from that instructable. I had gotten this impressively intimidating stack of tax papers sometime in 2008 (maybe 100+ pages. it was like a small phone book.) I happened to remember that somehow who I had been emailing with had "taxlaw" in her email handle, and I reached out to her. She had been grateful for me helping her assemble this over email with her son, and she ended up taking care of this accounting nightmare for me, no charge! We never met, and somehow a total stranger cleared $10k of intimidating tax charges. It was one of the most serendipitous things to ever happen to me, and I never met the person beyond emailing.